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 GTA fan test i found on gtaforums

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PostSubject: GTA fan test i found on gtaforums   22/04/08, 01:08 am

1. Have you played the first GTA on pc?
2. Have you played the first GTA on pc to completion?
3. Is the GTA series your favorite gaming experience?
4. What do you like most about GTA?
5. How long have you been excited for GTA4?
6. Were you one of the first to watch the announcement trailer, and what did it do to the gaming sites it was on?
7. If you did see it did you immediately call your friends to tell them?
8. Have you seen all the GTA4 trailers including all the informative ones about characters?
9. Have you went through all the GTA4 information on the website?
10. Did you read all the reviews that were posted on this board this past few weeks?
11 Do you constantly refresh this forum in hopes of new info or gameplay videos?
12. Have you been rickrolled atleast once while browsing these boards?
13. Do you play any of the pc online mods for the GTA series? if so which GTA and mod?
14 Do you cheat in GTA cause you are bad, or do you cheat to keep it fun?
15 Have you completed the majority of the GTA games?
16 Would you commit suicide if you couldn't get GTA4?
17 Have you rickrolled someone on this board?
18 Will you be skipping school or work to play GTA as much as you can?
19 Would you say the first thing you do when you wake up is browse this board for new info daily?
20. Are you affraid to go outside this close to GTA 4 to avoid being hurt and unable to play?
21 What is your favorite GTA other than 4 so far?
22. Have you created a custom avatar or signature for GTA to be cool on this board?
23. Do you desperately want to be a part of the GTA4 cummunity?
24. Have you signed up to the GTA social club yet?
25. If so were you one of the first? and took the time to post your ID like the rest of us?
26. Would you rather date a girl or be the first to get GTA4 when it launches?
27. Have you pre-ordered, and since when?
28. Do you get excited even around friends when you see the GTA4 commericials on T.V?
29. Is it more entertaining reading about GTA4 than playing other games at times?
30. Do you think GTA makes you a better or worse person?
31. Would you commit any of the crimes you see in GTA? seriously?
32. Singleplayer or multiplayer first?
33. How much would you pay for GTA4 over its regular price?
34. Who is your favorite GTA main character other than Niko?
35. Will you be quiting your job or quiting school for GTA4 if it lives up to the hype?
36. Are you a GTA4 mod? if so you automatically pass the test.
37. What do you enjoy doing the most in GTA?
38. How old are you?
39. Did you pre-order the special addition?
40. Do you dream or day dream about GTA4?
41. Does new GTA4 info give you a boner?
42. Where will you be in 10 years afte playing GTA4?
43. Halo 3 is to FPS, as GTA is to?
44. What does Euphoria do?
45. Should EA buy Take-two?
46. Whats the first thing you will do when you start up GTA4?
47. Are you leaving this board soon due to possible spoilers?
48. Are you one of the GTA4 screenshot whores?
49. Do you always point out that things are old, or already posted in new threads?
50. How excited are you for GTA? over 4000, 9000, 15,000, or 21,000?
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PostSubject: Re: GTA fan test i found on gtaforums   22/04/08, 08:25 am

Cool questions, but how do you rank yourself on the test?

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PostSubject: Re: GTA fan test i found on gtaforums   22/04/08, 02:30 pm

That's what I would like to know.
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PostSubject: Re: GTA fan test i found on gtaforums   

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GTA fan test i found on gtaforums
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