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 Pics and Sig Help

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Moho Flaggins
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Moho Flaggins

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PostSubject: Pics and Sig Help   07/04/08, 10:22 pm

If any one is having severe trouble with getting your sig in a post heres what you need to to. First, register at https://www.photobucket.com. Second, upload your sig to photobucket. Third, copy and paste the IMG code shown under your uploaded picture into your post. Finally, you are finished. If you have any other questions just ask me.
-Moho Flaggins king


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Nikoteen Bellic
Nikoteen Bellic

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PostSubject: Re: Pics and Sig Help   12/04/08, 05:57 pm

Moho, you should post a thread with different LoL sigs, then we could just add which sig we like.

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Pics and Sig Help
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